Cleveland County GOP


April 15, 2017

Welcome to the!


2018 is a critical election year, the direction of Cleveland County and North Carolina are at stake, and Republicans mean business!

Over the past decade and with Republican majorities on the County Commission and General Assembly, unemployment in Cleveland County has been reduced from nearly 17% to less than 4% with the addition of 4000 new jobs and over $6 billion in capital investment. In Raleigh, NC has paid down billions in debt, lowered taxes, built a record rainy day fund, fixed our unemployment system, required the state save for the future, and ensured the solvency of our pension system for public employees.

Republicans mean business… and it is critical that we maintain our majorities so that we can continue the progress! Click Here to learn more about our candidates and the Constitutional Amendments that will be on the ballot, or give us a call to help turn out the vote in this important election. 704-484-2GOP.

Warmest regards,

Joel Shores, CCGOP Chairman

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