Cleveland County GOP


April 15, 2017

Welcome to the!


Welcome to the Cleveland County Republican Party, where we focus on the 80%.   If you are a conservative or think you are a conservative, you are welcome! If your party has become too progressive for you, you are welcome in the Republican Party.   If you are unaffiliated and want to learn more about the Republican Party, come visit us! If you are thinking about walking away from your party, come visit with us…you will be welcomed!

Cleveland County has a rich tradition of providing leadership for the Great State of North Carolina!  The “Shelby Dynasty” produced two Governors, O. Max Gardner and Clyde Hoey. Now, Cleveland County is home to the Speaker of the North Carolina House, Representative Tim Moore.  

Cleveland County Republicans have been very successful in recent elections.   In 2018, every Republican on the ticket won in Cleveland County. Our County Commissioners are ALL Republicans.  Our District Attorney is a Republican. Our Register of Deeds is a Republican. Quite frankly, our goal is to ensure that every elected official in Cleveland County is a Republican.

 If you are thinking of becoming more politically active, you’ve come to the right place.  The core of the Cleveland County Republican Party are friendly, hard-working folks from all walks of life.  It’s a great first step to becoming an elected official, becoming a political activist, or just learning more about the party!

Dennis Bailey, Chairman

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