Cleveland County GOP



David Allen, Chairman

Frank Dashnaw, 2nd Vice-Chair

Pam Keller, Treasurer

Kevin Whisnant, Secretary

The Cleveland County Republican Party Dinner Meeting is held on the
4th Thursday at 6 PM at the CreekSide Clock (1025 Kiser St) in Shelby.
Each Dinner Meeting has interesting and entertaining speakers,
covering political, and non-political subjects.
Attendees can choose from 2 group priced meals ($10 for meat, 2 sides, bread, and drink, $12 to upgrade to 10oz Steak or Salmon/Ribs/Chicken.
Add $1.00 for a dessert).
Come early (5:45ish) to make your meal selection.
Email or call 704-484-2GOP for details.

Cleveland County Republican Party
Plan of Organization
Adopted March 18, 2021

We, the Members of the Republican Party of Cleveland County, dedicated to the sound principles fostered by that party, conscious of our civic responsibilities and rights, firm in our determination to give our strength to preserving the American principle that government ought and must be of all the people, by all of the people and for all of the people do, for the purpose of uniting and coordinating our efforts for maximum power and efficiency, herewith agree to organize under the current Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of North Carolina, with additions specific to Cleveland County Republican Party as established below.
All residents of Cleveland County who are registered Republicans are Members of the Republican Party of Cleveland County and shall have the right to participate in the official affairs of the Republican Party in Cleveland County in accordance with the rules of the State Plan of Organization and this document. All reference herein to Delegates, Alternates, Officers and Members shall, in all cases, mean persons identified and registered with the Republican Party in the Precinct of their residence.
1. The Nominating Committee, having been previously appointed and advised by the Chair shall recommend no less than 5, nor more than 35 members of the County Executive Committee,
County officers, delegates, and standing committees; and will present a slate of officers, delegates, or candidates for a position within the party; however, the floor will be open for additional nominations for any and all seats. Nominees do not need to be in attendance at the annual meeting to be considered for any position, including that of delegate or alternate. In the event that nominations are made from the floor for specific seats; or upon the request of any delegate, the remaining unaffected positions on the slate shall be voted on as one, and any challenged positions will be individually elected.
2. For each person who is elected at precinct meetings to be either a Delegate or an Alternate to the County Convention, the County may set a fee to defray the costs of the convention and to fund the costs of Delegates and Alternates to the District and State Conventions.


1. Membership shall be selected at odd-year conventions by the County Convention, or filled outside of the Convention, as prescribed in this document.
2. The Executive Committee shall be comprised of no less than 5 and no more than 45 members of the local party, in addition to the officers of the party.
3. Chairs of all auxiliary organizations, shall be ex‐officio members providing the auxiliary organization submits an independent audit summary or an independent accountant’s review by June 1 st of each calendar year.
4. The immediate past Cleveland County GOP Chairman and all Republicans holding partisan elected office who reside in the County shall be ex-officio members of the Cleveland County Executive Committee.
5. The majority of the Executive Committee shall have the ability to appoint up to 10 members in addition to the 35 elected at the County convention.
In addition to the powers and duties outlined in the NC GOP Plan of Organization, the County Executive Committee may amend the County Plan of Organization upon a 2/3 vote after providing notice of the meeting, advising members regarding the substance of the proposed amendment and provided a quorum is present.
A quorum shall be at least 10 members, but in no event less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the Cleveland County Executive Committee.
1. Any Executive Committee member who misses three consecutive executive board meetings or 50% of the previous 12 eligible meetings and those absences are unexcused shall have automatically resigned their seat on the Executive Committee, unless good cause is shown to the Executive Committee which shall then decide the question.
2. Excused absence requests shall be communicated to the secretary or any officer prior to the Committee meeting and shall be reported to the Committee and approved or denied by the Committee.
3. Any new Executive Committee member or reinstated member may vote at the next meeting.
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FEES All members, including ex-officio members, who are not full time students or honorary life-members, are obligated to pay annual membership fees in the amount of $100. Such fee shall be paid by June 1 each year.
1. A member of the executive committee in good standing has met the following conditions:
a. A registered Republican in Cleveland County.
b. Timely in the payment of dues.
c. In compliance with the attendance standards above.
2. Only a member in good standing by the end of the previous meeting may vote or participate in meetings.
The Executive Board shall be comprised of the Officers and Immediate Past Chair. The Chairman shall have the authority to act in the event of an immediate situation that must be resolved within the required 10-day notice for an Executive Committee Meeting, with the consent of four-fifths of the Executive Board, and must be reported at the next Executive Committee meeting.
The County Chair and Vice Chair will serve as ex-officio members of all committees of the Cleveland County Republican Party. The County chair will appoint individuals to fill vacancies with the approval of the majority of the County Executive Committee. Committee Members are not required to be a member of the Executive Committee. In addition to the Finance, Auditing, and Credentials Committees required by the State Plan, the following shall be standing committees of the Cleveland County Republican Party:
1. A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Chair prior to conventions for the purpose of nominating officers, and of delegates to the District and State Conventions, and standing committees and their chairs including but not limited to Finance, Auditing, Activities, Candidates and Awards committees; as well as delegates and other positions to be selected at the County Convention. This committee should contact all potential nominees to confirm their willingness to serve and to ensure an understanding of requirements and responsibilities.
2. An Activities Committee, consisting of no less than 3 members, shall be elected during odd-year conventions, for a term of 2 years. The purpose of this committee is to recommend, plan, and coordinate events for the local party. In addition, this committee will keep and publish a calendar of the meetings, events, and activities of the County party and all auxiliary organizations. Chairs of each auxiliary organization shall serve as ex-officio members of this committee.

3. An Awards Committee shall be comprised of the officers of the Executive Committee. This committee shall select recipients of the Republican of the Year award, the Lifetime

Achievement award, and other recognition deemed appropriate, to be presented annually at the Reagan Day Banquet. Current officers of the party shall not be considered for recognition.
4. The Chair may appoint other ad-hoc committees as deemed necessary.

The NCGOP Plan of Organization is available for download.

A brief history of the CCGOP

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